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What is Sex Therapy?

In a nutshell, sex therapy is psychotherapy that focuses on both sexuality and relationships. Sex therapy allows the exploration of sexuality in a safe, open, and compassionate space. Human Sexuality is a vast umbrella for the entire sexual experience of people. A large part of sex therapy is psycho educational due to the unfortunate norm of receiving inaccurate sex education.

Dr. Lily Zehner is extensively trained in Marriage and Family Therapy and Human Sexuality. She earned a Doctor of Education (EdD) in the field of Human Sexuality. She has spent thousands of hours in classes, reading, studying, viewing, and learning all she can about the world of Human Sexuality. As part of her EdD studies and clinical training, Dr. Lily was immersed in an 8 day Sexual Attitude Restructuring (SAR) which expands the professional and personal understanding of the immense range of human sexual behavior, gender identities, and their expression. In doing this, you can be assured that she is educated, comfortable, and prepared to help any individuals that come into her office. If Dr. Lily does not feel equipped to help you, she will make the appropriate referral.


When working with clients, Dr. Lily uses Jack Annon’s “P-LI-SS-IT” model. This acronym stands for: Permission, Limited Information, Specific Suggestions, and Intensive Therapy. Dr. Lily is trained to do all pieces of this model. Like Jack Annon, she believes a large percentage of those who have sexual concerns can be helped in the earlier stages of the model with a smaller percentage needing intensive therapy. Often times, people wonder if they are normal and in the permission stage they can learn that there is nothing wrong with them. They may need some limited information and specific suggestions in fulfilling their sexual needs and desires which comes in the second and third stages. If the client(s) need more intensive work , they will move forward into intensive therapy to help resolve the more complex relational or individual concerns. There is no shame in needing any help in one’s sexuality; therefore, Dr. Lily will use this model to avoid pathologizing one’s sexual concerns. Treatment can be accomplished in as little as one session to twenty plus depending on the needs of the client(s). In addition to using this model, Dr. Lily uses an integrative approach utilizing other professionals in necessary specialties such as a Pelvic Floor Specialist, Urologist, Gynecologist, and so forth when appropriate. Dr. Lily’s therapeutic theoretical orientation is person centered, strength based, and flexible. She will pull from several therapeutic theories depending on the individual needs of the client(s).

What sex therapy isn’t:

There is never touch* or sex between the therapist and client(s). Sex therapy is often confused with the recent movie, “The Sessions”. This movie depicts the work of a surrogate partner with a client, not a sex therapist. Sex therapy is not judgmental or limiting. Sex therapy is not threatening or unsafe. If you have any concerns regarding what sex therapy is and is not, please feel free to discuss these with Dr. Lily.

*with the exception of a handshake or hug, both being consensual with the individual(s) and the therapist.